Selecting the right tire for your car

There are many options out there today when it comes to tires. There are numerous brands, styles, features, sizes, colors and other factors that can make selecting the right tire a daunting task. Here at Global Auto Center, our experts have seen it all.  We have worked with thousands of clients and can help you. Below are a few points to consider before you buy your tires. As always, if you have any questions please contact us. We will be happy to answer all questions as long as you are safe on the road.

How many tires should I buy?

When it comes to tires, the general procedure most customers follow is to replace the tire that is no longer road worthy. However, did you know that if your replacement tire is different from your other tires, it can hurt your vehicle and the tire lifespan? All four tires should be as similar as possible to avoid issues with handling and general performance. Remember your tires define your safety and spending less than the tires your car came with may seem like a great deal but at what cost? Your safety matters and Global Auto Center experts can help make this process simple. We will make sure your replacement tires are properly selected and installed.

Changing one tire

Most of us replace a tire when it has been damaged by a road hazard, accident, criminal activity or plain simple human error, like when you accidently pop your tire on the curb! Now replacing a single tire is easy but once again here are a few key points to follow:

  1. Get a tire that exactly matches the others
  2. Tire should be of the same brand
  3. If same brand is not available it should be a very close match
  4. Look at the line, size and speed rating of the tire
  5. Do NOT look for a bargain, remember your safety matters

Changing a pair of tires

When you have to replace two tires, once again matching the tires to your others is the best approach. It provides more stability, better performance, control and you know for a fact those tires work well with your car.

With a pair of tires, you can also get a way with buying a different set. The one rule you should always follow is selecting tires of the same size and type. After all you would not want to put larger tires on a car not designed for that configuration. Matching front and rear pairs is usually the best approach here to avoid any issues.  Our team of expert tire specialists are able to match and install these tire configurations for you.

Changing a full set of tires ( four tires)

If you are in need to replace your tires entirely and you are fed up with the brand your car came with, you are welcome to replace the entire set. This is much easier than replacing a pair of tires or single tire as you have the most flexibility. You can go any brand, style, thread pattern and even size (depending on your vehicle).

Here are a few simple tips when replacing all 4 tires:

  1. Find the right size for your vehicle
  2. Check the overall tire diameter, make sure you are within the limits necessary for your car to perform well

These can be much more complicated than you expect and if you have any questions we are here to help.

Tire types

Nowadays tires are highly specialized and come in a variety of “flavors”. You have Summer, Winter and All Season Tires. Each is designed to perform better than the next in a specific set of conditions. The answer here varies by driver. If you live in a winter wonderland then the winter tires are your best bet. Summer tires work well for dry conditions and highways. All season tires have threads that are designed to perform in a variety of conditions but are not as good as their specialized counterparts.

Remember to plan for the worst conditions. If you live in an area where snow storms can occur every once in a while, plan for that. Your smooth summer tire will be useless in those conditions.